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The Internet is bigger and better than ever and constantly changing. The days of simply building a site that only has to look good on your home computer is a thing of the past. Today your site needs to display properly across a wide variety of screen sizes. So whether it is being viewed from a tablet, cell phone, desktop, laptop, or even a big screen tv, you’ll always look your best.

Your competition is doing everything they can to get ahead, you should too and we can help.

We create websites that uniquely represent you and your company. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t rely on clip art or stock photography to create your site (although we can use those assets if it’s your desire). Instead, we use original images and custom-created content. We can handle the photography, site graphics, and videos. Created these assets from scratch, assures that your site doesn’t just look like everyone else’s.

In addition to building a great site, you also want to get found and it’s helpful to know what’s working and what isn’t. For this reason, we include Google Analytics in your site build. This is a free service from Google that allows you to keep track of how many people are viewing your site, where they’re from, which parts of your site they visit the most, and how you are getting found online.

Beyond building your site, we can help establish your online presence, and show you how to put your best foot forward in ever-changing local and global markets. From start to finish and beyond, we are here to ensure that your site is always at its best.

Additionally, we offer site options that allow you to make some of your own changes if desired.

We can even help secure your desired domain name and set up your website hosting, ensuring your site is online and available to your clients 24/7 when they need it.

Please be sure to CONTACT US with questions or when you are ready to get your site up and running.


We are happy to create original content for your website. For the content you choose to provide, please use the following guidelines when submitting work/files for inclusion in your website project. If you have questions please feel free to contact us directly.

  1. YOUR COMPLETE DOCUMENTS – newsletters, etc.. should be saved as a .pdf file. Any future changes that need to be made to these files will need to be made by the creator of the file. (we are NOT responsible for typos or other issues from provided finished files)
  2. If you prefer, we can compile the files from your content for use online. Images must be saved separately from any Microsoft Word or other word processing documents as jpg or png files. Word corrupts the resolution of your images and they do not display properly online. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE HIGH QUALITY/HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES – pixelated images or images that are to be used larger than their original size will display badly. Often it is better not to use an image at all than to use a bad one. Bad images make your site look amateurish.
  3. All text should be in Microsoft Word (or similar) or typed in an e-mail that we can copy the text from. PLEASE PROOFREAD FIRST. We are copying and pasting the text you provide for the site, it is a waste of time and resources to post unfinished or incorrect documents. Please make corrections prior to sending them for use on your site, or let us know that you prefer we proofread your content.
  4. If more than one person is working on parts of your site please be sure to only send us the finished files you wish to use from one of them. If we receive multiple copies of what appears to be the same file we have no way of knowing which one you intended to use and will typically post the most recent file received.
  5. Please BE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT(S) to use any images or content you are posting! I/WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES  INCURRED FOR POSTING IMAGES OR CONTENT YOU PROVIDE THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHTS TO. Typically this means you are only using your original images or images you have purchased the rights to for online use specifically. DO NOT copy images online and think it is ok to use them, in most cases, this is copyright infringement.
  6. Please be aware we DO NOT edit bilingual or foreign language content. You are welcome to include it, but we simply post what you send, so please be sure all is correct when providing it to us.
  7. PLEASE REMEMBER – We are happy to create or edit content for you (billed at our normal rate).
    If you have further questions please contact us today, Thank You.

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