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In an age of digital graphics and ever-improving computer software, traditional illustration and illustrators can be increasingly hard to find. The marketplace often perceives anyone with a knowledge of Photoshop to be a graphic designer; when in fact that is simply not the case.

One of the most primary ways that I set my work apart is that it is all created from scratch. No clip art, no stock photography (of course you have the choice and we can use it if you desire), we create it all. This is designed to ensure that your materials are always “original”.

When drawing your logo designs, posters, and promotions, or illustrating an article or book, we are not limited by just what’s available at the time. Believe me, today’s graphics software is fantastic and we use it to ensure all of our projects are the best they can be, but when you have the ability to combine today’s technology with traditional artistic skill, you have a truly powerful combination.

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A small sample of some of our many business card creations

Logo created for the City of Oxnard

City of Oxnard California Environmental Resources Division Logo

Color Scheme and Livery Design

We can create the perfect paint scheme for your aircraft, truck fleet or racing team

Some of our many postcards and printed promotional pieces

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